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Welcome to Bendr!

Bendr is an on-the-go social networking app.

Convenient Payment

No more dealing with ATMs and inflated withdrawal fees. Bendr creates a cash-free experience, allowing you to pay for cover charge, drinks, and food all with your mobile device. You can even set a spending limit before you go out!

A new way to meet people

Meeting new people has never been easier! Bendr is a platform for instant user connection. Connect and chat with users in the same bar as you, making for quick and easy contact with the people that interest you most.

Helping you choose the right spot


Now you can scope the scene at a bar or club before you get there,
helping you maximize your night. Bendr uses beacon technology to show
you what is happening in your favourite parts of town or bars nearest you.

Beacons - How the App Knows Where you Are!



Bendr uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE) to help the app determine where you are and who’s around you. Unlike your phone’s GPS, which can drain the battery quickly, BLE is able to accurately determine your location when in range of a beacon, but consumes a very small amount of power to do it.

Bendr uses the Estimote beacons; they work great, plus we think they look pretty cool.

Happy New Year!

Bendr has some exciting things planned for early 2017, but wanted to take this last chance to wish everyone a happy and safe New Year's Eve!

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Making all sorts of connections!

While the app is nearly finished, we have been busy meeting with various establishments and other industry professionals. We've had some great responses, and are continuing to connect with as many bars and restaurants as possible. If you work at a bar/restaurant and...

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Want Bendr in YOUR Bar or Restaurant?

Bendr provides an immersive and unique experience to your customers, from the moment they come into range. Get in touch with us if you’d like to explore Bendr benefits.

Get the App!

Bendr will soon be available for your iPhone; click the link below to get the latest update.

Android users, don’t despair; we’ll be adding an Android version very soon!