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What makes Bendr unique


A new way to meet people

Bendr is a platform for instant connection at bars and clubs; meeting new people has never been easier. Make quick contact with the people that interest you most when out for the night. Whether you are looking for new people to party with or to “hook-up” with some old friends, by initiating a conversation using Bendr you can chat before linking up for a drink or hitting the dance floor. Also, when within a close enough distance to other users, you can communicate with people in the bar from outside the bar. This will help ensure you know who is in the bar and what they are doing before you enter. These spontaneous chats disappear by the next morning (all is forgiven), so be sure to add new people to your friends list to stay connected for next time.


Bendr is an on-the-go social network that keeps you connected to the party, and people around you!

Helping you choose the right spot

Now you can check out the scene at a bar or club before you get there! Bendr uses beacon technology to show you what is happening in your favourite parts of town or near you. The app displays important details such as how many users are in each bar, the amount of of male/female users, and where your friends are! Bendr will also update you on drink specials and promotions happening as you bar hop, finding you the best deals for your night on the town.



Paying straight from your phone

No more dealing with ATMs and inflated withdrawal fees. Bendr offers a cash-free experience allowing you to pay for cover charge, drinks, and food using your mobile device, while keeping track of your purchases that night. Eliminate the hassle when hitting the town by bringing the bar to you.





What are beacons?

Beacons are small devices (about 3 inches) that are able to relay information to a smart device through the use of radio signals. Our Bendr App integrates the use of Estimote Smart Beacons, which operate through Bluetooth low energy technology. The beacon itself is a low energy frequency transmitter that can obtain coordinates through communication with applications. The only limitation of this device boils down to the ideas and abilities of the operators.


Turn up your nightlife!

Bendr is going to help you find places to party and dance away the night. Is there a local DJ playing some awesome trance music? Is there a nightclub full of people dancing to your favorite EDM track? Log on to Bendr and find out!

Looking forward to the next big party?

With the help of Bendr’s beacon technology, you can easily keep track of the most turnt up places in town for beer pong, cheap drinks, shots and generally a great time!

Our application is for your unique night.

Grab a bite and lounge with the guys!

Whether it’s pizza, burgers, or steak, Bendr is going to help you out with finding a lively restaurant nearby. Afterwards you can migrate to more pubs and burn off that tasty grub at a popular billiards spot! With a quick download, we’ll be able to show you the most suitable bars in St. John’s for your night!