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Frequently-Asked Questions

You ask, we answer
How can I get the app?

When the app is released (very soon!), there will be two ways to get Bendr up and running on your phone.

1. You can click on this link and follow the instructions.

2. If you go to the App Store you should be able to locate the Bendr application by searching the word “Bendr”. Click on the app with the Bendr Logo.

Does Bendr work for apple (iOS)? Samsung, HTC (Android)?
The current version of Bendr is compatible for Apple devices (iOS). However, in the future we are looking to expand Bendr into an Android version.
How does Bendr work?

Once you download Bendr, and have your profile set up you can start reaping the Bendrfits… Through use of beacon technology a Bendr user can connect with other users through the chat function; these can be old friends or new acquaintances. Also, in Bendr Establishments a user can avail of the ability to pay for food, drinks, and cover through our unique mobile payment feature. This requires a user to simply confirm the purchase with a predetermined pin number and just like that your bill is paid, with an electronic receipt stored in your history (and email if you want). Bendr will also show live location specific nightlife specials. This is different from other trashy advertising in that you will have the option to receive notifications about special promotions from bars within a 1-kilometer radius of your current or chosen location.

Why should I use Bendr?
Bendr provides live information regarding how many people are in each bar, this helps users decide where they should go to party. Also, Bendr allows users to connect with old and new friends within the Bendr establishment providing a new location specific way to meet people.
Where does Bendr work currently?
Right now Bendr is up and running in Canada. The various Bendr Establishments can be found here.
Is the application available in my language?
If your language is English, then yes. We are working on expanding Bendr to our near and dear french users in the near future.
Can anyone use Bendr?

This is an app for individuals who are 19 years or older (which will be verified at installation). Sorry Young Grass Hoppas.

Verifying your device for Bendr installation?

It is necessary to verify each Bendr account with a unique phone number. This process involves inputting the users phone number upon the registration of a Bendr account. After about 5 minutes, a SMS will be delivered to the users phone containing a unique verification code. This may be entered into the user’s Bendr account for full activation.

If a user waits the full 5 minutes and still does not have a verification SMS, delete the app, reinstall, and follow the steps above again. If the app still does not work we are always available here. This rarely happens, but if it does do not lose faith; we will get Bendr up and running just for you.

How do I invite my friends to Bendr?

If your friend does not have Bendr, you may send them a SMS or email with a download link directly from your Bendr account. To send this message, simply scroll down to the very bottom of your friend’s list where there is a box stating, “Invite your friends to Bendr”. In this box enter either your friends phone number or email address to send them the request.

How do I add a friend to my Bendr friends list?

If your friends have Bendr already, simply search for the users account through the search function atop of the friends list.

If you are chatting with a new Bendr user and would like to add them to your contacts, just click on the + symbol in the top right hand of the chat.

How do I connect with a new Bendr acquaintance?

With a new means of localized chatting, Bendr allows a user to pull the home screen to the left in which they enter into “Bendr Mode”. This feature allows users to mutually connect with fellow Bendr users when within a physically close proximity.

How do I remove a contact? What happens from there?

If you click on the contact, and scroll down from their profile you will be able to permanently delete a contact by clicking on the words “Remove Contact”. You may also temporarily block a contact by selecting “Block Contact” at the bottom of the users profile. This user will not be notified when you have blocked or removed them. The reason for this is to remove the pressure in keeping people on your Bendr friend’s list who are not actually your friends!

How does Bendr use my contacts and phone number?

A users phone number is unique to the users account and to the users device, which allows for the creation of a single account per user. This prevents spam accounts from being created.

Access to a users contact list makes the process of creating a friends list easier. The Bendr team starts this process through automatically adding a new user’s contacts who have Bendr accounts to their Bendr’s friend’s list. This process of verifying a users contact list is entirely encrypted and secure.

This process occurs during the registration period, however a new Bendr user may opt to not sync their contact list with their Bendr friend’s list.

It is important to note that all your contact information is held completely privately. This information has not and will not be sold or distributed. At Bendr we hate trashy ads, and hold the users privacy in the highest regard. Check out our privacy policy here.

A user may block and remove others from their Bendr friend’s list at their own discretion. Other users will not be notified when you block or remove them. The reason for this is to remove the pressure in keeping people on your Bendr friend’s list who are not actually your friends!

How do I turn off the chat feature?
If you would like to turn off the chat feature, enter into your Bendr settings, and click turn on the chat feature. When in this section, and the very top of the screen you will be able to slide chat to off. By turning this feature off no one will be able to chat with you as a user.
What happened to my messages?

Messages are available to users for a 12-hour period. After this period, those messages will disappear, so we suggest you take a screen shot if you want to remember your previous conversation when you were on (a) Bendr.

How can I create a group chat?

By simply clicking on the plus sign (+) in the top right corner of a chat you will be able to add other users into the conversation. By clicking on the initial users name again from your friend’s list you can go back to your one on one conversation, while still maintaining the group chat.

Are my messages secured?

Yes, all of the data sent through the app is encrypted. If someone else is using your phone however they will be able to look at your chats. Remember, all chats are available for a maximum of 12 hours, or less depending on your personal settings.

What are the accepted payment methods?

We use Paypal for processing of payments. You can create a one-time Paypal payment using your choice of credit card, or if you have a Paypal account you can choose from any of your configured payment options.

How do I know the app is safe to use my credit/debit cards?

Bendr Technologies Inc. guarantees the highest level of protection of personal information, and implements various security safeguards during the processing of payment transactions. Through using a PayPal Gateway, a secure token will be generated for each user transaction while directing the user through to a host page for their payment processing.

Among other security measure, Bendr Technologies Inc. guarantees no financial data is stored on our servers, not even in a session cookie. We collect customer data and relay this to PayPal through our secure website by using SSL and S-HTTP protocols. Also, our software and infrastructure is kept up to date in order to protect against zero-day exploits and other susceptibilities.

PayPal have taken great considerations towards ensuring users have the highest level of security by upholding to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. To quote PayPal:

“Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards are minimum requirements for protecting your customers’ payment card information. Adopted by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, and JCB, PCI compliance is required for all merchants that store, transmit, or process payment card information.”

For more information click here.

I have just paid for something with Bendr...where's my receipt?

All purchases can be found in the “Payment History” feature. Go into your app and in the top left hand of your home screen click on the payments icon.

How do I pay for cover to a bar?

Once your device is within a close enough proximity to the Bendr Bar you will receive a push notification asking if you would like to pay for cover. If you select yes, then you will be prompted to input your unique pin number. You will then receive a confirmation screen, which will act as your proof of payment at the door. Depending on the specifics of the establishment, you will be able to exit and re-enter the bar using this screen, which can be found by clicking the “Payment History” feature.

How do I pay for my food or drink?

When you select an item from the Bendr menu you will then have to input your unique pin to pay for the item. The establishment will confirm the payment was received and your order is in!

Can I leave a tip?

You most certainly can. If you click on the menu screen and scroll to the bottom there is an option to leave a tip. Here, the user will have the opportunity to enter a percentage of their recently purchased items, or a specified dollar amount. This tip can be directed to an individual server or to the establishment on a whole.

I have paid for something with Bendr but there is an issue with the Bendr Establishment?

If there is a discrepancy between the Bendr user and the Bendr Establishment, it is the establishment who must settle the dispute. If the user has a technical error with the Bendr app please get in contact with us here including with your name, phone number, payment method, and issue with the application.

Is Bendr like Apple Pay?

Where Apple Pay and Bendr differ is in the technology they use. With apple pay you are limited to having to be within a few centimeters of a payment device to have the ability to pay for anything. With Bendr you have the freedom to pay for your purchase in any location within the establishment. The sweet smell of freedom.

Does it cost money to use Bendr?

Bendr is a free app. If a user would like to use the mobile payment option it will cost them a small premium in order to support the operation of this feature.

Am I always being tracked?

Although we aspire to the technological prowess of minority report, we do not side with their take on privacy, or lack thereof. In short, no, you are not always being tracked. Your location is noted when within a beacon range in order to provide data to other Bendr users showing how busy an establishment or area is.

Does Bendr still work in the background of my device?

Yes. When Bendr is running in the background a user will still be able to receive notifications. However, when a user wants to pay for something or to chat with another user they will have to have the app in the foreground.

How do I turn off my location?

If you would like to turn off the beacon’s ability to locate your device, simply turn off your phones Bluetooth function.

To specifically turn off Bendr’s beacon communication with your device, go into your devices settings function, then into privacy, and click on Bluetooth Sharing. From the Bluetooth Sharing page you will be able to slide Bendr’s Bluetooth communication to on or off.

In order to turn off the GPS tracking, a user must enter into their device settings function, then into privacy, and click on Location Services. In the locations services section a user can slide Bendr’s location sharing to on or off.

Do I need Bluetooth on to avail of Bendr Features?

Yes, in order for Bendr to work the beacons utilize Bluetooth low-energy. This function uses a very small amount of battery compared to traditional Bluetooth devices.

How do I turn off the notifications?

This can be easily handled by going into the settings in Bendr and simply swiping from “On” to “Off ” in the “Being Notified” segment.

Can I play music on my device and use Bendr at the same time?

Yes, we actually encourage this.

My phone is lost or stolen, help!

First, we are sorry to hear this has happened.

As soon as possible please contact us here, with your phone number, name and payment information, so we can deactivate your account immediately to stop possible use. This means your account will be in a suspended state, but will not be deleted for a 30-day period. In this state no one can use your Bendr account. If you would like for your account to be permanently deleted right away please state this in the email, otherwise your account will be fully deleted after the 30-day deactivation period.

If you get a new phone and keep the same phone number it is possible for you to keep your Bendr account on this new device. Simply touch base with us again here with your phone number, name and payment information and we can reactivate your account.

My number changed, can I keep my Bendr account?

Of course, but you must input your new number first into your old phone. Read how below.

If you are changing phone number and would like to keep the same account simply go into your settings feature and into the account section. Here you will find the “Change Number” segment. If you enter this segment, you will be prompted with an easy guide to changing your account into the new phone number. Simply, put your current Bendr number in the first box, and the new number in the second box and submit.

How do I report someone who is violating Bendr's acceptable use policies?

A report of an account that has abused the Bendr system of any nature can be made through contact here. Please include the account name and the specifics of the abuse.

What would constitute a user being banned from Bendr?

There are a couple of reasons why a user would be banned from Bendr. These are listed

  • If a user has been blocked by a lot of users in a short period of time.
  • Providing fraudulent payment information.
  • Reports of abuse to other users.
  • The creation of multiple accounts.
  • Sending the same message to multiple users.
  • Spam of any sort.
  • Violation of Bendr’s Terms of Use.

The user would first be issued a temporary ban, where they would not be able to access their account for a 30-day period. If further abuse occurs after this banned period, this users account will be deactivated permanently.

There is something going on, I can’t connect with Bendr?

If you are having a technical error with Bendr please contact us here. Please include your name, phone number, payment method, and issue with the application. We will get this sorted right away.

Does Bendr use my phone's data?

Bendr uses a combination of low energy Bluetooth and data when in range of a beacon, and may use location services when not in beacon range depending on your configuration and location preferences. All user-to-user communication is via data; text and chat communications use very little data, while image and video communication will use more.

How can I get involved with Bendr?

If you would like to turn your establishment into a Bendr Establishment click here and if you want to view the Bendrfits for to becoming a Bendr Establishment click here.

If you would like to work at Bendr, click here for more information on how to join this wicked awesome team!

How do I delete Bendr?

If you choose to delete Bendr, delete the application from your device. Deleting the application will not automatically delete your account; to do that, log into your account and choose the option to delete your account. This will also remove any personal data, payment information, and chat history.

How do I get a free drink?

Here at Bendr, we love hooking our users up with free stuff. Once a user has activated his or her Bendr account they will receive a voucher for a free drink in a Bendr Establishment. The specifics will be in that message. Also, if it’s your birthday you will also receive this coupon for a drink in a Bendr Bar (you must have downloaded Bendr 30 days prior to this birthday). Just our way of rewarding those users who are making good use of our app!

Where can I learn more about Bendr?

Please feel free to explore any of the following Bendr sources:, @bendrtech, instagram, vine, snapchat, fb, pintrest, google+.

I need more questions answered! Where do I go for help?

Please send us a message here with your questions. We are constantly updating our website, and really appreciate user input!


All information provided in this section is perceived to be accurate by the Bendr team. Bendr is not liable for any inconvenience that might ensue from using the information presented in this section.