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What is Bendr?

Bendr is changing both the way we meet people and the whole experience of enjoying a night on the town. This free app is simple, location based, and fun. With Bendr you can order, receive and pay for your food, drinks, and cover, meet exciting new people or rekindle old friendships, and receive real time notifications of nightlife specials using our beacon technology and easy to use app. Bendr also provides users with live statistics regarding what bars and restaurants other users are currently using. The app will also show users the nearest Bendr establishments in your current vicinity, the number of users in each establishment, and where Bendr friends are. All this information will help users decide what venue is best for them.

  • Check the Home screen to see which bars and restaurants are lively that night
  • Once near a Bendr establishment you can check out who is there and use the chat features to connect with new and old friends
  • Bendr hooks you up with deals and promotions throughout the night
  • Use Bendr to pay for cover charge, food, and drinks in the establishment

There are several advantages to turning your establishment into a Bendr friendly one. We have the ability to help your establishment grow, to provide Active Context micro location proximity marketing, to increase efficiency and customer access, and to create a safe and fun environment. For a more detailed description of these please check out our Bendrfits page

Bendr friends can be created in two ways.

  1. By syncing your smart device contact list with your Bendr account, you can add any friends on your phone to your Bendr friends list
  2. By connecting to new Bendr users through mutually accepted chat, there is an option to add each other as Bendr friends.

The chat function will be enabled every time you are within a Bendr establishment. In this chat list, a user will first see all of their current Bendr friends at the top of the screen. Below these friends will be a list of other Bendr users who are within the same establishment. You will be able to send a request to chat to these other users, and upon mutual acceptance the chat box will be available. Remember that chats will reset every 12 hours!

A Digital Agency

Bendr is an application under the Bendr Technologies Inc. umbrella. This new tech start up is working towards revolutionizing the way in which technology is used in context driven situations to benefit users.

Forward Thinking

We integrate new technology to help you navigate through your night out, providing you with the ability to use your smart device to make and track purchases.

Customer Support

We strive for straightforward and rapid responses for our users. For any concerns please fill out this box. We have a “reply within 24-hour” policy here at Bendr!

Problem Solvers

We are driven in finding solutions to any problem that Bendr users or Bendr Establishments may face. Click here to read more about Bendr features and Bendrfits.